Tuesday, July 17

Mortgage Bankers Association Offers HUD Lender Training


During the winter through summer of 2013, the Mortgage Bankers Association is offering a comprehensive and expedited program offering HUD training for underwriters working with approved HUD MAP lenders.  This is a comprehensive program that includes all aspects of the HUD underwriting process, including aspects of Appraisal and Market Analysis (Chapter 7 of the MAP Guide).  At the request of the MBA, Scott Allen of GAR Associates volunteered time to help create, write and present the Appraisal Principles and Procedures class together with Sandy DeFelice of M&T Realty Capital Corporation.   The classes were presented in three separate sessions in mid-February and provided detail related to the core and key elements related to the Appraisal process including USPAP review, Standards and Ethics, and a summary of how the day to day practice ties into completed HUD MAP work.  For additional detail, contact the MBA (here or here) or Scott Allen at 716-691-7100, ext. 3019 or sallen@garappraisal.com.  

In conjunction with the very favorable current interest rates, GAR Associates is currently very active in regards to preparation of both appraisal and market analysis components of various MAP related financing and re-financing efforts.  Scott Allen can be contacted for information and/or proposals.