1585 Hertel Avenue infill construction project is full speed ahead

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With temperatures soaring into the 90’s, summer is surely in the air, and so are the tradesmen working at 1585 Hertel Avenue. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and utility workers are busy throughout the structure now that New York State has lifted construction restrictions. O’Dalaigh Real Estate LLC is the developer of the infill construction project, which is now scheduled to be completed November 1st.

John and Ruthanne Daly are principals of O’Dalaigh, which is investing $7 million to convert the former gas station and brownfield into a mixed-use building with 34 apartments and ground-level retail space. The Better Buffalo Fund (BBF) awarded a $500,000 infill grant to the North Buffalo Organization in support of the project, which is expected to have significant economic impact in the Hertel Avenue business district.

“After a slowdown to just essential structural stabilization during Phase 1 COVID-19 restrictions, we are back full bore,” said Mr. Daly, who is also a managing principal and engineer at Trautman Associates. “Overall, we are making good progress.”

Workers are currently framing out the fourth floor, at approximately 60% with one more floor to go. Stair towers and elevator shafts, which need to go above the roof, are now at the fifth floor. Work on all interior walls of the apartment levels is progressing at the same rate since they are all loadbearing, carrying the floor above. Utility work is progressing with water and fire supplies installed.

The new building offers residential units ranging in size from 500 to 1,055 square feet and one level of underground parking. The apartments are priced at or below market rate with one handicapped accessible unit, a partial green roof, bike storage and dog-washing areas.

The Better Buffalo Fund is a $30 million initiative dedicated to projects that encourage density and growth along transportation corridors. The fund is used for targeted investments that revitalize strong neighborhood centers.

“Housing in North Buffalo is at a premium for potential homeowners and renters alike,” said Mr. Daly. “We are proud to be bringing this vibrant mixed-use development to North Buffalo and expect it to be a catalyst for more residential and commercial investment in the community.

For more information about leasing apartments and retail space, contact Elizabeth Daly at 716-573-5013 or 1585hertelave@gmail.com.

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