City of Oswego Slated For Two-Year Property Assessment

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Oswego will undergo a city-wide real property assessment over the course of the next two years, a move the city requires to obtain updated home and property information; the Common Council passing the measure during last night’s Monday, June 27  meeting.

Oswego City Assessor Jennifer Reebel Torrese spoke during last week’s committee meeting, detailing the process. The assessment will cover a two-year time frame, slated to last from 2022-24. The last city assessment was conducted in 1995-97.

“It’s a full inventory and data collection on all real property in the city, along with valuation and modeling to get us to an equitable assessment role,” Torrese said. “They will begin measuring every parcel in the city confirming square footage [and] they’ll collect inventory; front porches, back porches, pools, fences, tool sheds, machine sheds – there are all different grades depending on size. So they’ll do a full inventory collection… They will sketch the parcel – so by law we are required to have a sketch of every parcel on file They’ll have to take a picture of every parcel – that’s also required by state law so that will all be done; that’s the first step. So, they’ll measure land as well, to make sure the acreage that’s listed is correct, the frontage numbers are correct [and] the depths are correct. They’ll just be verifying everything and updating information that they find inaccuracies and discrepancies with.”

GAR Associates, LLC will complete the assessment, the cost of the project spread out over the next three-year budgets. The 2022 budget cost comes in at $75,000.

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