Construction Watch: 319 Connecticut Street

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Owners of 319 Connecticut Street, John Pantalena and David Wagner, are making some good progress on the historic building. Back in October of 2018, we posted that the team was strategizing about the future of the structure, located at the corner of Plymouth.

Prior, the building was home to Hoeffler Ice Cream Company (1890s), Marine Bank (1920s), and more recently the live/work space of Jack Drummer, a local artist with work in the Albright Knox. But in recent years, the building had fallen into a state of disrepair – nothing that was too far gone, but concerning nonetheless.

Once refurbished, the building will be mixed use, although the commercial element has not been pinpointed (or announced) at this point. Last I spoke to the owners, Pantalena said that he hopes that the building one day becomes an epicenter for activity on the West Side – something that residents can rally behind. That was pre-Covid.

The good thing about this property, as far as social distancing is concerned, is that there is plenty of outdoor space for people to safely congregate, depending on what the end commercial component will be.

We will be following this rehab closely moving forward, as work continues, with intentions of getting inside to see that magnificent space as it is rebuilt and rebranded.

Thinking back, I don’t think I ever would have guessed that 319 Connecticut Street had a promising future – for years I watched as it sat idly by, never imaging that two saviors were waiting in the wings.

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