Opportunity Knocks: 713-715 Military Road

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Not far from Chandlerville, a real estate opportunity has presented itself. 715 Military Road, comprised of a tavern and an apartment, is being listed at $340K.

The property comes with an adjoining parking lot at 713 Military Road.

The interior of the tavern features a fully equipped kitchen and beer cooler, security cameras, POS system, updated HVAC, and a full basement.

Not only is there a back patio, there is also a huge swath of parking. That parking lots pretty much surround the building, giving it an appearance that it is located on an asphalt island. If that issue was addressed with some beautification measures, this property would really come to life.

According to the listing, the 4,355 SF building (circa 1910) also has a newer roof and a 3-bedroom apartment on the second floor. This is another one of those opportunities that would require someone with a broader vision to tackle this project, because much of what is needed here is softening of the parking scape, which would create more of a promising destination instead of a building afloat atop a sea of asphalt. That said, Military Street in general could use some love; It’s got to start somewhere. Why not here?

Published by Buffalo Rising
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