Rochester real estate market booming through pandemic

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The real estate market is exploding, according to experts in Rochester.

You could see it firsthand today as boxed were unloaded into Drew and Scott Neary’s new home in Gates.

“We’re super psyched, it’s awesome to get to Rochester and find a house especially at a time like this, you know,” said Drew.

Digital tours were all that could be done due to social distancing.

“We had to do everything virtually,” said Scott.

But that didn’t deter them from finding a home they love.

“It’s happened all so fast,” said Drew. “It’s so exciting, the house is amazing and we’re really thrilled about that.”

Keller Williams Realty Gateway Realtor Jillian Heinold sold them their house. She says houses are selling like hotcakes right now.

“This month I’ve had four closings so far and I have two pending deals closing this month,” said Heinold. “People are buying and selling all the time and the best time to list a house is right now, because once phase two opens the markets going to be flooded and you have more competition.”

She and other realtors had to make adjustments through the pandemic.

“After a couple weeks of knowing we were going to be staying in and working from home and doing virtual tours and everything, we had to get creative and see how we could still help our clients get their home just a little differently,” said Heinold.

And for the Neary’s, it was a unique but rewarding experience.

“It was surprising, it was stressful actually how fast the real estate was moving,” said Drew. “We were kind of close to closing on two other homes and it’s just like you had to make that decision that day, but it worked out. We’re really happy with what we ended up with.”

Posted by WROC-TV

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